Yamaha Motocross Academy: We Train; Rain or Shine!

At the Yamaha Motocross Academy we train; rain or shine. The experience that you gain riding in slippery conditions is second to none. This past weekend our kids, teens and adults learnt how to handle their units in these often-tricky conditions…and they of course had a lot of fun! 

We couldn't let all that wonderful mud this past weekend go to waste; we decided to have our first race at the Academy and the kids had a blast!

Besides our students' competitive spirits, it’s exciting to see them improving their skills each and every weekend.

We also love welcoming newcomers. This is the perfect opportunity to get your kids away from their iPads and television and more involved in outdoor activities. Riding a motorcycle is an incredible feeling like no other and it opens the door to endless adventure! It’s an exceptional bonding experience for everyone, young and old.

We welcome you to come down to the La Vega Estate in Gran Couva on Saturday or Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. To learn more about our Academy CLICK HERE.


  • Jariel

    I would like to purchase a bike for myself can you assist with which bike is better for a beginner like myself my options are between R3 and R7.

    Also what steps do I have to take to obtain my motorcycle license?

    Thank You for your time.

  • Mark

    I am very interested in learning to ride motor bike

  • Usha Rampersad

    Learn to ride

  • Christopher

    I want to learn to ride where do I go an how much is the cost

  • Dwain Taitt

    Hey , i’m looking for a trainer to learn for myself to ride a motorcycle , any suggestions ?

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