The Revival Of Motocross

At the La Vega Estate, Gran Couva, there is a buzz of excitement that cannot be ignored. If you have had the pleasure of viewing the estate’s motocross tracks and seen the passionate riders that venture there each weekend to grace its corners, you know something big is about to happen in T&T. It’s an impending revival of a passionate sport that deserves a permanent home in our twin island paradise.

The new home of motocross: The beautiful La Vega Estate in Gran Couva, Trinidad

One of the motocross tracks on the Estate

To be a part of this undeniable movement and to fully equip those who are interested in the sport, the Yamaha Motocross Academy was born. Our aim at the academy is to build champions. We hope to un-tap and nurture the talent of those interested in the sport. We aim to build passionate, skilled and disciplined riders who also love to have fun!  The programme is open to children as young as 5 years of age; up to any age – as long as you are willing to learn, you are welcome to ride!

On Sunday 14th July 2019 the Yamaha Motocross Academy will officially launch at the La Vega Estate, Gran Couva and we are very excited to make this step in the local motocross community. Come be a part of it all. The action starts at 12 noon and admission is FREE. Come learn more about the sport as well as the Yamaha brand; we welcome you to become a part of the Yamaha family.

What do you think about motocross in Trinidad & Tobago? Do you see it becoming a popular sport in T&T? Will you be there for the motocross academy launch? Let us know in the comments below. 


  • Sunil Ragbir

    How do I join and do you do training

  • Sharaz Mohammed

    Hi good day. Wanted to find out information on how I can apply. Me and a few friends would really like to go a trail for the first time with you all.

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